We've got some great theater scheduled for 2018, but building these productions is always an expensive venture.  If you're a fan of our work, you can best support us by spreading the word and sponsoring a production.  Sponsorship starts at $250 and goes up to $1,000. 


We appreciate gifts of all sizes

Those of you who saw JACUZZI and I WISH YOU A BOAT have remarked on our sumptuous design and evocative musical scores.  Help us continue this standard of excellence by contributing to our 2018 season. 

Donate to the Ward Theatre Company production budget

Heartfelt gratitude to the following patrons for their past and current financial support:  Helen Clarke & Marie McIntyre, Jeffrey & Michelle Fleming, Barbara Burns, Brandon Schell, Bradley Bowen, Josh Lindgren, Sally Franz, R. Kiszely, Garrett Sparks, Thomas Pope, Daniel Sumerlin, Shannon Alcock, Christie Whaley, Milton Kendall, Karen Catoe, Brian Goldblatt, Margaret Lovatt, Jean Synodinos, Emma McKay, Nancy Hanway, Petra Glieson, Avery Rimer, Stuart Smith, Karen Metguer, Anne Crocco, Lisa Lewis, Delal Makansi, Stephanie Reinitz, Brenda Thompson, Ben Yates and Geoff and Rebekka Bowen of The Bowen Agency, Inc. (Insurance).

If we have accidentally left your name off this list, please let us know and accept our apology for this oversight!