Company Internship Program

Ward Theatre Company intern Petra Glieson (Australia) with Company member Leah Costello, 2011.

Ward Theatre Company intern Petra Glieson (Australia) with Company member Leah Costello, 2011.

The Ward Theatre Company, in association with the Ward Acting Studio, provides rich and challenging opportunities to ambitious actors who wish to train, work and perform with our ensemble.  Over the past 15 years, we have provided these opportunities to actors from The Netherlands, Israel, Belgium, Australia, and Austria, as well as to local actors in our Meisner program.

Actors selected for internships train in the Ward Acting Studio acting program while providing administrative and production support to Ward Theatre Company productions.  To the extent that interns demonstrate readiness for performance, they are also cast and work alongside ensemble members in shows being performed in that particular season.  

In order to be considered for an internship, actors must first successfully complete a rigorous audition process. Upon acceptance, it is then the intern's responsibility to coordinate all logistical arrangements including housing, transportation and any immigration documents necessary to travel to Durham.  (The Company is sometimes able to assist with housing but that is on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to change from season to season. We will, of course, do everything within our power to help interns secure appropriate housing, etc.)  While there are no fees associated with their participation in the company, interns are required to pay tuition for the Meisner training they receive concurrent with their internship.  

Generally, internships are 2-3 months long although they can sometimes be as short as six weeks or run up to six months in length.

Interns must be available for Skype coaching and rehearsals (provided free of charge) prior to their arrival in Durham to prepare them for any roles assigned to them in our season.  We've been utilizing new technologies like Skype for years as a way of empowering our commitment to including international performers in our production schedule. 

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