"These actors worked seamlessly to bring this play to an explosive and deadly climax. The characterizations and interactions of this ensemble completely submerged any vestige of the actor and made us see only the characters onstage...It was a first-rate performance in an intimate and in-your-face setting. It is well worth your attention, but make your plans now; remember, the house is purposefully small." 


The Mound Builders

We're pleased to include twelve Company members in the six-week run, including three visiting actresses from Australia -- Michaela Bedel, Lucinda Orr and Emma Jo McKay (Jacuzzi).

Note:  We've indicated under the performance dates above the actors that we expect to be performing.  There is a possibility that this could change without notice or refund of ticket sales.  If you arrive and find a friend is not performing, we will do our best to change your tickets, but we will NOT refund or change seats if you do not inform us prior to the start of the show.